Privacy - myfaveTT

1. Data from your TikTok:

This app retrieves data from and put them into your target folder. It does not send any of those data to anywhere over the internet. This can be audited by inspecting the network traffic with Chrome DevTools.

This app has no access to your tiktok login credentials, e.g. phone number, email, or password. If you use OAuth (login with google / apple / facebook, etc), it also has no access to those OAuth account info.

2. Chrome extension permission:

By clicking the "puzzle" button near the top right of the browser > click any extension > [⋮] > Manage extension, you can view the Permissions and Site access of any extension you installed.

Depending on their functionalities, you may see things like browsing history, geo location, all web traffic, access to all sites, etc. This extension, however, doesn't require any such permissions, and requires site access to only.

The Chrome Web Store review team strictly reviews and approves the initial submission and each subsequent patch of this extension.

3. Source Code

Due to the open nature of frontend JavaScript, anyone can freely inspect the code of this app.

Agreements - myfaveTT

By using this app, you agree to the terms below:

1. Only use for personal collection, do not re-distribute what you downloaded.

This extension will always download videos with the original tiktok watermark. If your goal is personal archiving, then watermarks are quite desirable because these MP4s contain no other metadata.

2. Although frontend javascript is open by nature, this app does not use an open source license, so the author holds the copyright. Do not redistribute the code, completely or partially, with or without modification.

As a user, don't install the chrome-extension from a source that's not mentioned on our official site as it could be altered.

3. This app is provided without warranty. In no event shall the author be liable for losses, damages, or other claims.